who we are

tanker with flag of Israel approaching gas field

Chevron began operations in Israel in 2020 after completing the merger with the American-based company Noble Energy Inc. (the ultimate parent company of the subsidiary operating in Israel – Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd.) Following the merger, Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd. changed its name to Chevron Mediterranean Limited.

The company's activity in Israel is focused on exploration, discovery, reservoir development, and the production, transmission and supply of natural gas to its customers in Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. We believe affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy is essential to enabling human progress. Chevron produces crude oil and natural gas; manufactures transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and additives; and develops technologies that enhance our business and the industry. We aim to grow our traditional oil and gas business, lower the carbon intensity of our operations and grow new lower carbon business in renewable fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, offsets and other emerging technologies. More information about Chevron is available at www.chevron.com.